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1938 TRIUMPH DOLOMITE SPORTS SALOON - Firepower Customs & Classics



This 1938 Triumph Dolomite Sports Saloon is a rare survivor being one of around 12 known examples. It was Australian delivered right hand drive and was sold by Buckle Motors in Sydney. Testers described driving these cars as giving the impression of a fine feel of control and with an engine to match that. Smooth enough to be thought of as a six the 2 Litre engine had "high mettle" and did not mind being called upon for speed affording almost "sportslike" pickup. The gearchange was considered "a delight" with excellent synchromesh. Steering was not too heavy. The driver was given a good view ahead and behind though the view through the back windows was rather small. The modernistic front to the radiator is a die cast waterfall grille and the front equipment includes a stabilizing bumper, two wind horns, two fog lights, two large headlamps and small side lamps on the wings. The steering and suspension were rated as "adequate", back passengers they said "travel with comfort", top speed was found to be about 75 miles an hour. The body was aluminium over a rot-proofed ash frame. 1938 Dolomites were very well equipped, with winding windows in the doors, automatic chassis lubrication, a leather-bound steering wheel adjustable for rake and reach, dual hydraulic brake circuits, twin trumpet horns, and spot lamps included in the price. These were a very high quality car when produced & are way ahead of many contemporary saloons of other brands. The quality shines though even today in the excellent driving experience having both style & a late vintage feel to it. This car provides comfortable accommodation for 4 people whilst conducting them down the road in some considerable style. This rare offering is consigned with us and is in the care of its owner in Elanora Gold Coast QLD. Inspections are by appointment only.


Year 1938
Body Colour JET BLACK
Interior Colour RED BROWN
Mileage 69456
Engine Size
Transmission 4 SPEED MANUAL
Chassis/VIN 2071286

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